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What to Expect From Denture Recovery Process

Oklahoma City Dentures: What To Expect During The Denture Recovery Process

If you’re considering getting traditional dentures in OKC at Pragma Dental, you may have a few ...
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The Convenience of Clear Aligners

OKC Invisalign: The Convenience of Clear Aligners

Over the last decade, Invisalign braces have grown in popularity. Are they worth all of the ...
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What to do for Severely Stained Teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry OKC: What to Do for Severely Stained Teeth

Everyone has slightly yellow tints to their teeth. On top of that, staining occurs naturally as ...
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Oral Health Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning for Your Oral Health with Pragma Dental

With spring just around the corner, it's important to include your teeth in your spring cleaning ...
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Sealants Make Sense

OKC Kid’s Dentistry: Why Dental Sealants Make Sense

Children’s smiles are the adult smiles of the future, and it’s an important time to stress ...
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Options for One Missing Tooth

Options for One Missing Tooth in OKC

Options for One Missing Tooth A missing tooth can create challenges with smiling, eating, and sometimes ...
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