Dental Bridges

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Dental Bridges in Oklahoma City

Missing a single tooth? Or maybe you are missing a couple teeth but the rest of your mouth is in pretty good health. A dental bridge may be the perfect solution for cases as such. Dental bridges are often a less expensive alternative to dental implants for teeth replacement. Best of all, you can replace missing teeth in OKC with a dental bridge from trusted dentist, Dr. Grace Jun, DDS!

What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges fill in the gaps, or bridge the gap, for our patients with missing teeth in a safe, natural-looking way. Bridges are milled to fit precisely between healthy teeth with one or more custom created crowns attached to the bridge. The bridge is affixed to the healthy teeth so that the crown(s) in the middle replaces the missing tooth. The result is a beautiful smile and healthy mouth, built to last!

How Does A Bridge Work?

The CEREC system that we use to create our dental crowns does the heavy lifting, giving Dr. Grace a clear, three-dimensional image of the afflicted area, without any anesthesia. From there, Dr. Grace fabricates a custom crown or crowns to fit your mouth, matching the size, shape, and shade of the missing and surrounding teeth. The result is a mouth with a natural bite and healthy smile. Better yet, the bridges can often be created and placed the same day as the first appointment.

After your procedure, care of your bridge is extremely important as inattentive care can lead to problems for the healthy teeth that hold the bridge in place. To avoid those issues, brushing and flossing regularly in and around the bridge is a must for keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Missing teeth not only can cause patients to lose confidence in their smile, it can also lead to a bevy of future health problems for your mouth. Here are a few reasons to stop in and find out if a dental bridge is right for you:

Bridges and crowns restore a clean, full, beautiful smile

Missing teeth can cause shifting of healthy teeth along with possible bone loss and jaw shrinkage

Missing teeth put you at an increased risk for periodontal

Solid foods become more difficult to eat over time with missing teeth

Gaps in teeth could lead to changes in speech

Contact Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist, Dr. Grace, today to discover your options in tooth repair. Whether it’s a veneer, implant or just a simple dental bond, a consultation with Pragma Dental OKC can recommend the right path forward to give you a healthy, confident smile!

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