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Dental Sealants in Oklahoma City

Even the most avid brusher and flosser can miss some of the tiny grooves and pits on healthy teeth, especially those toward the back of the mouth. So to treat those hard-to-get areas, Pragma Dental OKC offers painless dental sealants in OKC to keep healthy teeth in tip-top shape. Dental sealants are also great for preventing cavities in kids!

No Cavity Guarantee

Seal The Tooth Guarantee

Pragma Dental OKC offers a "seal the tooth guarantee program". If that surface is sealed by our office and you have been coming in every 6 months for your cleaning, we will guarantee no cavities on the tooth surface we have sealed. If you do get a cavity on the tooth we sealed, you will not be charged for the filling. Also, touch ups for your sealants are free as long as you come in for your six-month dental cleanings and exam.

Why Do I Need Dental Sealants

The natural chewing surface of your teeth is filled with small fissures that can trap food and stay hidden away from brushing or rinsing. Over time, that food allows bacteria to multiply and can lead to serious tooth decay and cavities if left untreated. The most common teeth to need sealing are the molars, with their wide, flat surface covered in more nooks and crannies than the rest of your teeth.

Sealants are applied to healthy teeth, not ones that have already experienced some decay, so the time to seal teeth is now! It’s a short, simple step that could save you mountains of headaches down the road.

The Procedure

Sealing a tooth is quick, painless and anesthetic-free. A plastic-based sealant is created and then painted on the chewing surface of the tooth to fill in any ridges or grooves. The sealant bonds to the teeth and the entire procedure is over in a matter of minutes!

Unfortunately, dental sealants are not permanent, but each sealing is expected to last between three and five years. Regular maintenance of your teeth – like regular flossing and brushing – can extend the sealant’s life even further.

Who Are Candidates for Sealants?

Both children and adults can benefit from the procedure. If an adult does not have decay, sealants can be applied. Children are in their cavity-prone years from 6 to 14. We recommend sealing their teeth during these years and possibly even before as a preventative measure. Healthy baby teeth are crucial in the placement of permanent teeth. If Dr. Grace believes your child is at risk for tooth decay, she may recommend sealing certain teeth earlier than normal to save your child from dental issues down the road.

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