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Pragma Dental OKC’s comprehensive orthodontic solutions are available for all ages. There’s no need for extra referrals! Whether you’re looking for children’s braces, orthodontics for teens, or clear adult alternatives, we have a variety of Oklahoma City orthodontic solutions to choose from.

Orthodontic Braces

Advantages of Straighter Teeth

When you feel confident in the way your teeth look, you’ll want to show them off more often. But having a properly aligned smile doesn’t just look great, it can also boost your oral health!

Statistically, having straighter teeth:

Lowers your risk of tooth decay
Decreases your chances of having gum disease
Helps prevent premature tooth wear
Reduces the chance of developing TMJ disorder
Is part of a comprehensive, holistic periodontal treatment

Investing in better tooth alignment could be one of the best oral health decisions you’ve ever made.

Types of Braces We Offer

SureSmile Orthodontics
Six Month Smiles Cosmetic Braces System
Nudge Orthodontics

There’s no one “right” type of OKC braces for everyone. Adjusting the type of system to the individual allows us to work within people’s oral health needs, timelines, personal preferences, and budgets.

Nudge — Nudge is a short-term orthodontic system that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth in as quickly as three months. The Nudge trays are specifically designed for people who need minor tooth movement rather than complex orthodontic therapy. They’re perfect for adults and teens alike.

Invisalign — Invisalign braces are one of the most tried and true clear aligner systems on the market. They work well for mild, moderate, and certain severe cases of tooth misalignment. The average case takes about 12-18 months to complete. There are no dietary restrictions, so you can eat whatever you like! Learn more about Invisalign and our OKC Invisalign provider.

SureSmile — SureSmile is an alternative alignment system that’s similar to Invisalign. They’re known for being virtually invisible and extremely comfortable to wear (thanks to their laser-trimmed, precision fit.) The average treatment time is between 6-8 months.

Six Month Smiles — As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles straightens most people’s smiles in about half a year. They tend to be more affordable than traditional braces, simply because less time is involved. Adults and teens both qualify.

Traditional Orthodontics — Conventional braces work well on almost everyone, regardless of age or the severity of their needs. Younger patients especially love traditional braces and the freedom to add colorful bands throughout the duration of their orthodontic therapy.

Braces vs. Aligners

Clear Braces (Six Month Smiles) Illustration
Invisible Aligners (Invisalign) Illustration
Mixed Orthodontic Appliances Illustration

Invisible aligners are popular with adults and teens. Particularly because of their transparent appearance, zero dietary restrictions, and improved comfort.

Since traditional braces are non-removable, they work better on our younger patients that might otherwise have a challenging time keeping up with a set of removable aligners.

Paying for Braces

Since the cost of braces in OKC varies from person to person, we’ll assess your needs, review your insurance coverage, and provide you with an itemized care plan that breaks down the specific costs involved. You’ll know exactly what to expect well before you even start treatment. And even if you don’t have insurance, flexible financing options are available!

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Gentle, Caring, Comfortable & Fun

Dr. Phil Jun and our experienced dental team will make sure your child is comfortable and at ease in the dental chair. Children can listen to music and play their favorite movie on the above TV as they receive their treatment. We also provide sedation dentistry to help reduce anxiety to your child. We make going to dentist relaxed and fun!

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