Oklahoma City Dental Office: Signs You Need a Dental Crown

Need a Dental Crown?

Nobody ever hopes that their teeth will become damaged or infected. We all hope that a regular brushing and flossing routine keeps our teeth strong, healthy, and cavity-free. Unfortunately, the truth is that our teeth are vulnerable to many different types of damage.

When damage occurs, dental restorations like dental crowns make it possible to help protect your teeth in the future. They help safeguard your teeth from additional cavities, decay, and injury. In addition, dental crowns can change the shape, size, and appearance of your natural tooth.

Are you familiar with the signs that you might need a dental crown? Awareness and education will help you take the right steps to protect your beautiful smile.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that can be placed over your existing tooth, attached to a dental implant, or positioned in a dental bridge. The cap of a crown is designed to look and function just like your real tooth. Dental crowns are available in ceramic, porcelain, gold, and porcelain fused to metal. Each material offers unique benefits to meet your specific needs.

Signs You Need a Dental Crown

There are many different reasons that a dental crown might be the best choice to enhance the appearance and integrity of your teeth.

To replace missing teeth with dental implants: Dental implants are titanium screws that replace the roots of your missing teeth and fuse with the jawbone. A crown is attached to every dental implant to create the appearance and function of a perfectly natural tooth.

To protect a weak tooth: A crown can also be used to cover a tooth weakened by decay or injury. This includes any tooth that undergoes a root canal, has a cavity that is too large to fill, or sustains a crack that needs to be covered.

To hold a dental bridge in place: Traditional bridges replace missing teeth by holding a fake tooth in place with a crown that is cemented onto the teeth on either side. If you have strong natural teeth on both sides of your missing tooth, a crown offers a simple and affordable solution to make your smile whole again.

To replace a filling: Dental fillings are used to fill the pits, crevices, and contours of your back teeth. They block bacteria and plaque from gathering and causing ongoing decay. A crown can be used to replace an ineffective filling or restore a tooth with a filling that is too large.

Dental Crowns in OKC

Oklahoma City dentist, Dr. Grace Jun is committed to providing the highest level of quality dental services for your oral health and wellness. If a dental crown is recommended after thorough examination, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Call (405) 200-1993 or request an appointment online to learn more about using dental crowns to protect your natural teeth and restore your mouth.

Top OKC dentist Dr. Grace Jun pursued her dental degree from the University of Oklahoma, earning accolades in Removable Prosthodontics and the prestigious International Congress of Oral Implantologists Award. Committed to continuous learning, Dr. Jun actively participates in academic clubs and stays updated with dental advancements. Above all, she treasures the deep connections she forms with her patients.

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