Tooth Extractions

Man with Extracted Tooth

Tooth Extractions in Oklahoma City

No one wants to have teeth pulled, but sometimes for the benefit of your entire mouth, an extraction must be performed. Dr. Grace will ensure you’re well-informed of your options and, if teeth do need to be extracted, offers extraordinary care and as pain-free an extraction as possible.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Extraction?

There are a multitude of reasons a tooth might need to be extracted, including:

Severe tooth decay

Periodontal disease

Broken teeth that cannot be repaired

 Impacted teeth or otherwise poorly positioned in the mouth

Preparation for orthodontic treatments

Tooth extraction procedure

Removing teeth no longer causes the type of pain and bleeding that is commonly associated with the procedure. This is in large part due to advances in anesthesia and sedatives. A local anesthetic will numb your gums, jawline, and tooth before the procedure begins.

Once the area is fully numbed, Dr. Grace first expands the socket that holds the soon-to-be-extracted tooth. She then carefully pulls the tooth out and removes it from the ligament holding it in place – something that can usually be completed in just a few minutes. Patients may feel pressure at the point of extraction during the procedure, but there should be no pain and only minimal bleeding is expected. In the hour or so immediately following the extraction, patients will be asked to bite a pad of gauze in an effort to stanch the bleeding while a natural clot is formed.

After the tooth is extracted, patients will most often be prescribed a painkiller and asked to use an ice pack for a few days to minimize swelling. Your remaining teeth will shift after the extraction and, if necessary, Dr. Grace may recommend a dental implant be installed where the extracted tooth once was.

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