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Are you experiencing a dental emergency in OKC as you read this? Take a deep breath, and read on to know which course of action is best suitable for your accident.

Most Common Types of Dental Emergencies and What to Do:

Knocked out tooth – If you knocked your permanent or adult tooth out, don’t panic. Handle the knocked out tooth by the crown and not the root. Rinse the tooth off with milk. If you don’t have milk readily available, rinse the tooth with water. Remember not to touch the root if at all possible. Also, do not touch or wipe the tooth with any kind of fabric or washcloth, as this can damage the tooth.

If you can, try sliding the tooth back into the socket. Make sure to hold the tooth in place (by the crown) and have someone else give the dentist a call immediately. If you can’t put the tooth back into the socket, keep the tooth submersed in milk (first choice), water (second choice) or saliva and call the dentist immediately.

Quick step by step guide for knocked out tooth:

  Grab the tooth by the crown (not the root) and rinse it with: a. Milk, b. Water or c. Saliva.
  Make sure the tooth is clean, and try sliding into the socket.
  Hold the tooth in place by the crown, and someone else call your dentist immediately.

If the tooth doesn't slide back into place:

  Submerse the tooth in: a. Milk, b. Water or c. Saliva.

What the Dentist Will Do For a Knocked Out Tooth

Placing the tooth may be pretty simple if the tooth and socket are in great shape. If the tooth is broken or the socket is damaged, the dentist may need to clean the tooth or flush the socket. In an ideal situation, the tooth would be re-implanted or re-placed within an hour of the accident.

Depending on the amount of damage or available options, the dentist may recommend a root canal right away. Other options to replace missing teeth could include a dental bridge or dental implant.

Badly cracked or chipped tooth – If you’ve badly cracked or chipped a tooth, don’t panic. Depending on the severity and if there is any bleeding, be sure to rinse your mouth completely with water. If you are experiencing pain in the area, you can try applying a wet/cold compress to the face. This should help with both pain and swelling. You can consider taking an Aspirin for excessive pain until seeing the dentist. Have someone call the dentist on your behalf immediately!

Tooth aches & excessive pain – Rinse the mouth with warm water to clean it out. If there isn’t too much pain present, you can try flossing around the tooth in question to remove any food caught in between. Do not put any kind of medication or painkillers on the area in question. Call the dentist immediately!

Call Pragma Dental OKC for a Dental Emergency

Unsure of what to do? It never hurts to call and ask us. We’re here for all OKC Dental Emergency situations. If you’re nervous about a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, or have experienced any kind of oral trauma, call us at (405) 276-5212 now!

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