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Sedation Dentistry in Oklahoma City

Excellent oral health is critical to an overall healthy body, but for many people, the thought of sitting down in the dentist’s chair is simply too much to handle. Dental anxiety is a common affliction, and it can keep some people away from the dentist’s office for years. So, for those patients whose phobia keeps them from visiting the dentist often enough to maintain their health, Dr. Grace proudly offers comfortable and simple sleep sedation in Oklahoma City. Taking the fear out of any trip to our office. Each patient room is also equipped with a soft blanket, eye pillow, neck pillow, TV and headphones to stream Netflix or music for maximum relaxation.

Sleep Sedation

Through safe and effective sedation dentistry methods, Dr. Grace puts her patients at ease using prescribed medications to create “conscious sedation,” a state in which the patient is awake but the fear and anxiety they typically experience at the dentist is gone. This sedation method is also commonly referred to as “sleep dentistry” or “sleep sedation”, even though the patient is conscious. Dr. Grace is well-trained in the latest in dental sedation, and she and her experienced staff carefully monitor their patient’s condition throughout the sedation period. After conscious sedation, patients emerge relaxed, fully alert and with sometimes little to no memory of the procedure itself. This helps eliminate the post-visit stress that sometimes prevents patients with a dental phobia from scheduling future appointments.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Laughing Gas (Nitrous oxide)

Sleep sedation is achieved in combination with nitrous oxide (commonly called laughing gas). Nitrous oxide can, however, be used alone and does not have to be used in combination with sleep dentistry. It is often used for patients that would like to take the edge off for simple cleanings, fillings, and dental crowns. Undergoing only nitrous oxide does not have to impact the rest of your day, either. Dr. Grace is able to carefully adjust the medication to the precise amount needed for your particular procedure. Patients can head out the door immediately after their dental treatment without affecting them.

However, patients who undergo sleep dentistry will have to have someone bring them, drive them home and need supervision for 24 hours.

Choosing an OKC Sedation Dentist

In order for a dentist to administer sedation dentistry treatments, they must undergo additional training. If you find yourself anxious and apprehensive about your dental visits, you likely are concerned about choosing the “right” dentist. Ask about their education, ongoing/continuing education (when is the last time you attended an education program for sedation), history of sedation treatments, and lastly… how do you feel when talking the doctor and staff. Pay attention to their bedside manner and how at ease they make you feel when discussing options.

Sedation Dentistry Candidates

Many people are candidates but those who seem to benefit the most from sleep sedation are as follows:

Patients who can’t sit still

Patients with anxiety/dental anxiety

Sensitive teeth

Large dental procedures such as wisdom teeth removal

Bad Gag reflex

Low pain tolerance

Oral health is too important to ignore, so if fear of the dentist’s office has kept you away for far too long, give us a call and let Dr. Grace treat you to an anxiety-free visit and better health!

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