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Oklahoma City Laser Dentistry

Using the most up-to-date modern technology, minimally invasive laser procedures are the very latest safe and effective way to identify and treat our patients.

Why Laser Dentistry

Dr. Grace uses laser treatments to detect even the smallest dental issues. The precision of laser allows her to find areas of concern undetectable by traditional tools and monitor those concerns closely before they grow into something larger. The laser light lets Dr. Grace see, in real time, beneath the gum line, inside of teeth, and even, in some cases, early-stage oral cancers.

Laser Dentistry Treatments

Laser therapy is always used in conjunction with periodontal therapy at Pragma Dental OKC. The days of general anesthesia followed by cutting and suturing of the healthy gums – in order to reach diseased areas – are a thing of the past. Using laser therapy, Dr. Grace can precisely identify and remove diseased tissue, even if it’s deep beneath the gum line, without touching the surrounding healthy tissue. This is all done while the laser cauterizes the affected areas as it goes. This means patients generally do not need to be given anesthesia before procedures begin, post-surgery recovery time is typically much shorter, and the bleeding, swelling, and discomfort normally associated with periodontal surgery are practically gone. Procedures performed using laser surgery may also eliminate the need for uncomfortable stitches to be put in place during healing.

Advantages of Laser Treatment

  • Quickly & easily treat cold sores, ulcers, and other lip & gum sores
  • Reduce healing time from common procedures
  • Eliminate the need for anesthesia for many procedures
Cold Sore Laser Therapy

Cold Sore Therapy with Laser Treatment

Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are a small group of blisters around the mouth and lip caused by the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are extremely common but they are often extremely embarrassing to individuals. The average sore usually breaks open, crusts over and can take over two weeks to fully heal. Ointments and creams may help lessen the pain but they typically don't help the cold sore heal much faster.

With laser treatment, we have the opportunity to prevent the cold sore from breaking out. The key to prevention is catching the sore early. As soon as you feel tingling, itching, burning at the site call Pragma Dental OKC and schedule your appointment ASAP. If the cold sore has already broken out, the laser will help lessen the pain and stop the progression of the breakout. Treatment of laser therapy for cold sores often reduces the number of outbreaks and severity if you are someone who breaks out often.

Quick & Precise Laser Treatment

Using laser dentistry sends the whirring, buzzing dental drill to the sidelines. The laser tool is practically silent as it goes to work to restore your mouth to its healthiest state.

Pragma Dental OKC is proud to be one of the few dental offices to offer patients laser dentistry in Oklahoma City. The lasers used to treat medical and dental issues are quickly evolving and improving, so contact our office today for a full list of procedures that can be treated by this state-of-the-art tool!

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