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Emergency Dentistry for Tooth Pain

Same Day
Emergency Dentistry

$99 Emergency Limited Exam & X-Ray

Emergency Dentistry for Tooth Pain

Same Day

$99 Emergency Limited Exam & X-Ray

Fast Pain Relief for Dental Emergencies

Are you experiencing a dental emergency in OKC as you read this? Take a deep breath, and read on to know which course of action is best suitable for your accident.

At Pragma Dental OKC we see patients for a variety of reasons and offer same day appointments. And while we do accept walk-ins on many days of the week (including weekends), it is best to call to make sure we can get you in for your same day dental emergency.

What is Your Dental Emergency?

Man With Mouth Pain

If you've experienced any of the following, please give us a call immediately:

Tooth ache or tooth pain

Bite or cut on lip or tongue

Accident or trauma to lips or mouth

Knocked out permanent tooth

Cracked, broken or chipped tooth

Swelling or general pain in mouth

Same Day Dental Procedures

At Pragma Dental OKC, we see many patients for same day emergency dentistry because of dental accidents, terrible tooth aches, and bad mouth pain. Whatever the reason for your emergency visit, our staff will always be caring, gentle and accommodating to every patient's needs. Some of the procedures we can perform same day include: 

Sedation dentistry

Emergency root canals

Emergency tooth extractions

Chipped & broken tooth repair

Dental implants to replace extracted teeth

Happy Patients from Same Day Dentistry
Family Dentist Dr. Grace Jun

Dr. Grace Is Your Go-To Emergency Dentist

Unsure of what to do? It never hurts to call and ask us. We’re here for all OKC Dental Emergency situations. If you’re nervous about a cracked, chipped or broken tooth, or have experienced any kind of oral trauma, call us at (405) 276-5212 now!

Looking for quick pain relief?

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