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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Oklahoma City

Relatively minor chips and flaws in teeth can be corrected with dental or cosmetic bonding, an affordable, simple path to a full, healthy smile. Cosmetic bonding is typically used for aesthetic purposes and can be a less expensive alternative to porcelain veneers.

Dr. Grace Illustrating Cosmetic Tooth Bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Using durable tooth-colored resin, Dr. Grace can repair a simple chip or small fracture by applying the substance to your teeth. She then solidifies it with a special light that helps the resin bond to your teeth, re-forming a tooth that looks as natural as the original.

Dental bonding is popular because the material and color of the bond allows the repaired areas to mimic healthy teeth. Dental bonding is used to fix broken or fractured teeth, enhance decayed teeth, replace fractured fillings, replace discolored teeth and/or close the space between teeth.

Tooth Bonding Before Tooth Bonding After

Tooth Bonding Uses:

  Repair chipped or cracked teeth

  Change the shape of a tooth or teeth

  Close spaces

  Protect a portion of the tooth root if exposed

  Repair decayed teeth

  Cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings

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Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

  Extremely affordable and covered by most basic insurance plans.

  Low-cost alternative to other procedures, including porcelain veneers.

  Requires very little, if any, removal of enamel from healthy or existing teeth

  Does not require anesthesia

  Unless multiple teeth are involved, bonding is typically conducted in one visit.

Contact Oklahoma City cosmetic dentist, Dr. Grace, today to discover your options in tooth repair. Whether it’s a veneer, implant or just a simple dental bond, a consultation with Pragma Dental can recommend the right path forward to give you a healthy, confident smile!

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